GENERATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY, RELIGIONS, AND SCIENCES 14th Annual Generative Anthropology Summer Conference

14/06/2021 - 18:00 - 16/06/2021 - 21:30

Generative Anthropology Society & Conference


The Joseph and Norman Berman Department of Literature of the Jewish People

Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Jewish Studies




14th Annual Generative Anthropology Summer Conference

June 14-16, 2021


Online conference

(Jerusalem time)


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June 14, 2021


17.45-18.00 Greetings

Prof. Revital Refael-Vivante, Head of the Department of Literature of the Jewish People

Prof. Roman Katsman, Bar-Ilan University


Keynote lectures

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18.00-19.00 Keynote lecture

Eric Gans, UCLA         

Generative Anthropology and the Sacred

Moderator — Richard van Oort


19.15-20.15 Keynote lecture

Menachem Fisch, Tel-Aviv University

Generative Rationality

Moderator — Adam Katz


20.30-21.30 Roundtable discussion

Is the “Internal Scene of Representation” an Originary Category?

Adam Katz, Quinnipiac University

Marina Ludwigs, Stockholm University

Richard van Oort, University of Victoria


21.45-22.45 Moderator — Ian Dennis

Pierre Whalon, the former Bishop in Charge of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, theologian, writer, organist, composer

The Divide in the Mind: Faith and Belief

Benjamin Barber, Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University: United International College

Signifying Nothing: Emil Cioran’s Apophatic Failure to Exist


June 15, 2021


18.00-19.00 Moderator — Matthew Schneider

Matthew Taylor, Kinjo Gakuin University

Sensibility’s Double Take: René Girard’s “Two Audiences” and Jane Austen’s Gospel Hermeneutic

Izumi Dryden and Laurence Dryden, Independent Scholars, Nagoya

Musical “Notes from Underground”: Anthony Burgess’s Mimetic Uses of Dostoevsky’s Polyphonic and Metaphysical “Voices”


19.15-20.15 Moderator — Roman Katsman

Martin J. Fashbaugh, Black Hills State University

Gabriel’s Epiphany and the End of Resentment: Religious and Nationalistic Feeling in James Joyce’s “The Dead”

Dominic Mitchell, Independent scholar, Bristol

Does Fornari's Ternary Model Improve the Prospects for Interdisciplinary Understanding of Language Origin?


20.30-21.30 Moderator — Magdalena Złocka-Dąbrowska

Dennis Sobolev, University of Haifa

Secular Messianism: Critical Theory, Advanced Science, a Radical Redefinition of Language and the Foundational Victim as Jewishness in the Ugly Swans by the Strugatsky Brothers

William Carpenter, Minneapolis

Frederick Turner and the Persistence of Epic


21.45-22.45 Moderator — Dennis Sobolev

Joakim Wrethed, Stockholm University

Anthropophagy as Possible Instigation of Matriarchy in Brett Easton Ellis’ American Psycho

Alexei Surin, Bar-Ilan University

The Mimetic Crisis and the Deferral of Violence in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings


June 16, 2021


16.30-17.45 Debate

Using GA: Politics, Polarization, Firstness

Ian Dennis, University of Ottawa

Chris Fleming, Western Sydney University

Moderator — Adam Katz


18.00-19.00 Moderator — Matthew Taylor

Marina Ludwigs, Stockholm University

Firstness as Fourthness:  The Scene as the Next Dimension

Adam Katz, Quinnipiac University

Alternativeness in the Originary Event


19.15-20.15 Moderator — Andrew Bartlett

Magdalena Złocka-Dąbrowska, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynsky University, Warsaw

From Cognitive to Neurocognitive Potentials of Gans’ Scene of Origin

Ian Dennis, University of Ottawa

Popular Ritual? The Example of the WWE and “Wrestlemania”


20.30-21.30 Moderator — Marina Ludwigs

Matthew Schneider, High Point University

These Bloody Flowers: The Aesthetics of Resentment in Multicultural Literature

Roman Katsman, Bar-Ilan University

Crosslines: Originary Neoindigeneity and the Bible interpretation in Alexander Liubinsky



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