Conference 2021: Russian-Israeli Literature, A History


Russian-Israeli Literature, A History

29 June 2021


Online Symposium

(Jerusalem time)


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Prof. Yaron Harel, Dean of the Faculty of Jewish Studies

Prof. Revital Refael-Vivante, Head of the Department of Literature of the Jewish People


16.45-18.15 Moderator — Prof. Klavdia Smola

Prof. Roman Katsman, Bar-Ilan University

Russian-Israeli Literature as Emergent Community

Prof. Leonid Katsis, Russian State University for the Humanities

Israeli-Russian Literature as Minority in Minority: “Russian Ghetto Literature” between Russian and Russian Jewish Literatures

Prof. Dennis Sobolev, University of Haifa

From Ideology to Ontology: An Existential Turn in the Russian-Israeli Poetry of 1990s


18.15-19.45 Moderator — Prof. Roman Katsman

Prof. Luba Jurgenson, Paris-Sorbonne University

Julius Margolin and His Time: Russian-Israeli Literature Facing the Violence of the Century

Prof. Marat Grinberg, Reed College

Israeli-Soviet Literary Ties: From Translations to “Biblioteka Aliya”

Dr. Marina Aptekman, Tufts University

Two Lives of Mikhail Gendelev: The Most Famous Israeli Russian Poet of the Late 1980s - early 1990s and his Legacy in Russian Israeli Literature


20.00-21.00 Moderator — Prof. Dennis Sobolev

Prof. Maxim D. Shrayer, Boston College

Paths of the Russian Poetic Avant-Garde in Israel

Dr. Edward Waysband, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia)

Alexander Goldstein’s Levantine Project of Russian-Israeli Literature


21.00-22.00 Moderator — Prof. Marat Grinberg

Dr. Helena Rimon, Ariel University

Genre Preferences of Israeli-Russian Fantastic

Dr. Zlata Zaretsky, Israeli Independent Academy for Development of Sciences

Phenomenon of Russian Language Israeli Dramaturgy


22.00-23.00 Moderator — Prof. Maxim D. Shrayer

Dr. Alex Moshkin, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Last Soviet Generation in Israel: Alice Bialsky’s The Crown Is Not Heavy

Elena Promyshliansky, Bar-Ilan University

The Recent State of the Russian-Israeli Literary Process



Organizer: Prof. Roman Katsman

Contact: Elena Promyshliansky,