Computerizing the Work of Uri Zvi Grinberg

Computerized Database of the Complete Works of Uri Zvi Grinberg

Uri Zvi Grinberg is one of the most important poets in the corpus of modern Jewish poetry. The broad scope of his work includes about 3,000 poems and hundreds of essays.

A project to computerize Uri Zvi Grinberg’s poetic and essays began in 2005 at the initiative of Prof. Tamar Wolf-Monzon of the Department of the Literature of the Jewish People and Prof. Zohar Livnat of the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages at Bar Ilan University in collaboration with Bar Ilan University’s Responsa Project. This online scientific edition is constructed as a supplement to Mossad Bialik's "Uri Zvi Grinberg - Collected Works", edited by Prof. Dan Miron. The project is supported by the Israel Science Foundation and has attracted the interest of eminent scholars in Israel and overseas. Various future applications and implementations of the project have been discussed at international conferences.

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