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Prof. Rachel Albeck-Gidron

building 410, floor 3, room 335
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    Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Department of Hebrew Literature, Associate Professor.

    .Modern & Postmodern Hebrew Literature, Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics & Poetics, 


    Stanford University, Taube Center for Jewish Studies, visiting associate professor.

    2012, February-August,   Osaka University, Graduate School of Letters, Japan, Research Fellow.

    2017 Universität Potsdam, Philosophische Fakultät, Institure Für Jüdicshe Studien und Religionswissenschat, Visiting Scholar.





    Bar-Ilan University Doctoral Committee Award


    Lady Edith Wolfson Foundation Excellence Award








    Lady Edith Wolfson Foundation Excellence Award

     Stanford University and Taube Center for Jewish Studies Stipend

    S.Yizhar Prize for Research and Teaching of Litrature for :''Exploring the Third Opthion: a Critical Study of Yoel Hoffmann's Works".

    The Israel Science Foundation  (ISF)  Personal Research Grant 2019-2021 for: "S Critical edition of U.Z.Grinberg's 'Masekhet Ha-Matkonet Ve-Ha-Dmut': a Study of the Work's Genesis Through Earlier Mnuscript Drafts and Pringings'.

    The Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Award  for the Book: 'Shananism and Literary Criticism'

    Conferences organizer


    January 7-9, 2002

    Bar-Ilan University International Symposium: “Traces, Folds, and Splits: Types of Continuities in the Literature of the Jewish People”

    Spring 2002

    Session on the works of Yoel Hoffman at the National Association of Professors of Hebrew (NAPH) Annual 2002 Conference on Hebrew Language, Literature, and Culture

    June 20, 2008

    International Workshop for Ashkenazi Pronunciation, Bar-Ilan University & Stanford university.


    27-28, 2016

    Judaism and Japanese Cultures: Encountering Judaism and Buddhism in Hebrew LIterature. International Conference in Honor of Yoel Hoffmann's Writings. Translations, and Beyond, Doshisha University, Kyoto, and Bar Ilan Univ. Koto.


    Academic Journal Editor:

    Criticism and Interpretation, Journal for Interdisciplinary Sudies in Literature and Culture, Bar Ilan University, no. 42, [+S.M]

    PaRDeS, Zeitschrift der Vereinigung für Jüdische Studien, Universität Potsdam, Heft 23 [+N.R. & M.K]

    Editorial Board Membership:

    Mikan: Journal for Literary Studies, Ben-gurion University

    Alpayim Ve'Od: Rethinking Culture in Israel

    Parshanut Ve-Tarbut - Sidra Chadasha, A Series, Carmel Publishing House

    Sifrut Ivrit Avar-Hove Parshanut Ve-Tarbut, A Series, Carmel Publishing House




    Undergraduate and graduate courses in comparative literature:

    1. Literature as a Literary Topic: Theory and Criticism
    2. Modernism and Postmodernism Hebrew Literature


    Advanced courses in comparative literature:

    1. Structuralism: Theory and Criticism
    2. The Monadological Novel: Interdisciplinary Course in Literature and Philosophy


    Courses in Hebrew literature for undergraduate and graduate students:

    1. The Hebrew Short Story at the Turn of the Century
    2. Diaspora and Migration, Romance and Modernism in the Works of Micah Joseph Berdichewsky
    3. The Writers of the Revival Generation: M.Z. Feierberg, Y.H. Brenner, and U.N. Gnessin


    Graduate courses in Hebrew literature:

    1. East and West in Yoel Hoffmann’s Prose
    2. Hebrew and Western Identity in the Hebrew Short Story
    3. Modernism and Postmodernism in Contemporary Israeli Literature
    4. The Debate About the Prosodic Form in Hebrew Poetry

    Books authored

    1. The Century of the Monads: Leibniz’s Metaphysics and the Modernism of the 20th Century. Bar-Ilan University Press, Ramat Gan, 2007. [in Hebrew].
    2. Exploring the Third Option: a Critical Study of Yoel Hoffmann's Works,  Ben-Gurion University, Heksherim Institute, Dvir [in Hebrew].
    3. Shamanism and Literary Criticism, Magness, Hebrew University Press, [in Print, in Hebrew].


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