Dr. Rena Costa z"l - Founder of the center



Dr Rena Costa

Dr. Rena Costa (7.2.1918 - 5.12.2002) will always remain in our memory for her remarkable contribution to the revival of the Yiddish language and culture in the academic world, as a memorial for the 6 million Jews annihilated in the Second World War whose native tongue, their "mame-loshn" was Yiddish.

A beloved founding member of the Friends of Bar-Ilan Association and American and World Board of Governors, Dr. Rena Costa has contributed to the development of Yiddish language and higher education and the strengthening of academic education as well as to expanding the Yiddish cultural heritage.

Dr. Rena Costa, who left Europe just before World War II, became a successful member of the diamond industry, where she was known for her integrity and acumen, this at a time when women were shut out from the world of commerce. Even though she always spoke her mind, she had countless friends who appreciated her warm personality.