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ד"ר אביבה טל

בניין 410, קומה ג', חדר 305
שעות קבלה
בתיאום מראש
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12 Cremieux St.
64259 Tel-Aviv

Personal Information
Born: 1947 ,Bergen-Belsen, Germany
Aliya: 1952
Marital Status: Married with two
MiIitary Service in I.D.F.: Leutenant in Women`s Forces.

Academic Degrees:
2000 - Ph.D., A Monography on the Yiddish-American Poet Malka Heifetz-Tussman, The Rena Costa Center for Yiddish Studies, Bar-Ilan University.
1993 - M.A. (cum laude) in Yiddish Literature " Eretz Israel in the of H. Leivick", Bar-Ilan University.
1988 - B.A. Hebrew & English Literature, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Research Fields:
Yiddish poetry in the Twentieh Century.
Modern poetry by Yiddish Women Writers.
Works of Mendele and Sholem-Aleichem.

Teaching Fields:
The Founding Fathers, Mendele Moycher-Sforim, Sholem Aleichem and I.L. Peretz.
History of the Yiddish Theatre.
Feminism and Yiddish Modernism.


Public Lectures in University Framework:

  • 1988 - Bar Ilan University - Inernational Conference - 100 Years to the Birth of H. Leivick - "Eretz Israel in the Poetry of H. Leivick".
  • 1990 - Bar Ilan University - Lord Fisher Colloquium - Soviet Yiddish Literature: "The Poetry of Shifre Cholodenko".
  • 1993 - Haifa University - Inter University Conference - "The Hebrew Translations of the Poetry of H. Leivick".
  • 1933 - Hebrew University, Jerusalem - Eleventh Congress for Judaic Studies - "Dialectic Elements in the Eretz Israel Poetry of H. Leivick".
  • 1994 - Bar Ilan University - Lord Fisher Colloquium - "Eretz Israel between Roots and Rootlessness in the poetry of H. Leivick".
  • 1995 - Bar Ilan University - Lord Fisher Clloquium - "The Childrens` World of Sholem-Aleichem, Forms and Values".
  • 1995 - Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies - Labour Zionist Alliance of Chicago and Chicago YIVO Sociey - "Three Yiddish Women Poets: Roots and Relationships."
  • 1997 - Bar Ilan University - Inter Seminary Course - "With Teeth in The Earth" - Outlines for Yiddish Poetry by Women in the Twentieth Century."
  • 1997 - Bar Ilan University - Colloquium for Grauate Students of the Rena Costa Center for Yiddish Studies - "The Yiddis Cultural Center in Chicago."
  • 1998 - Bar Ilan University - Inter University Conference - "`Meidlach, Froyen, Weiber - A Yiddishe Dichterin?`- Is There a Future for Yiddish Poetry by Women?"


  • 1992 - "Eretz Israel and the Poetry of H. Leivick", Studies in Leivick, The Rena Costa Yiddish Chair, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.
  • 1994 - "Dialectic Elements in the Eretz Israel Poetry of H. Leivick", Publications of the 11th Jewish Congress of Judaic Studies, Volume 3, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


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